PMS goes green: Our steps towards sustainability

As we all are concernded about the climate crisis and the effects it brings, we at PMS want to act and improve the work within our company which also contributes to this important topic. Therefore we have improved our whole packaging portfolio with more sustainable, eco-friendly solutions – including labels, padding material, tapes, boxes, foam and outer-packing.

We continuously optimize our whole production process to become more environmentally friendly in every possible way – and still provide you with high quality medical instruments. To further reduce our carbon footprint, we switched our company vehicles to electric drives.

We also will continue to implement nature-friendly measures according to our values and still offer you the high service standards you are used to from being a partner of PMS. We are looking forward to getting in contact with you!

Our new, eco-friendly packaging

The window remains plastic covered for the moment till we found a better solution/material such as cellulose or biobased bioplastics.

Copy of Invoices: Will not be included to the parcel any longer (if not needed); Digital archiving is used by most of the companies

Labels: Were changed from PFT (plastic) paper ones with caoutchouc glue.

Padding Material: Will be changed into material made from cornstarch or grass.

Our plastic boxes will be exchanged into paper boxes (same stability, less waste).

Tapes: will be changed into recycling tapes.

Also, the foam we plan to change into a more ecological material (foam made of cornstarch?) that will fix the instrument well, or any other material, principal not made of petroleum.

Outer-packing red envelopes: Will be changed into an eco-friendly material envelope, as soon the old ones are discontinued.

green plant
green plant

PMS drives green

Mobility is changing – and certainly the mindset towards it. PMS supports the transformation to reduce emissions and switches its company vehicles to cars with electric drive. We care about long-lasting product solutions as we care about sustainable solutions for a healthy planet. Every step towards solving the climate crisis counts! We believe in a value oriented business and long term customer relationships – that is reflected in all our actions.

CEO Alexander Getz

We would be very happy if you join us and act, too. If you have any idea how to improve please share with us and help us to become greener.
We hope that together we change the present situation into a better one. Apostroph

– Alexander Getz, CEO