PMS DataMatrix coding for a transparent supply chain in the healthcare sector

The traceability of medical instruments is becoming an ever more integral part of an increasingly globalized supply chain in the healthcare sector. The global standard of the GS1 DataMatrix system enables effective tracking and tracing, which is playing a progressively more important role in patient safety. Hospitals and their patients derive enormous benefits from the GS1 DataMatrix system. This is implemented at PMS by engraving a Data Matrix code on the medical instruments. A scanner can then be used to quickly and easily extract the relevant supply chain information.


The code contains all the information

  • End-to-end traceability
  • Instant identification
  • Continuous quality control
  • Transparency in preparation & sterilization
  • Optimized inventory management

The Data Matrix system allows PMS to provide the convenient option of reconstructing the entire supply chain with track & trace, thanks to an engraved code – another example of how the finest technology can make a contribution to health. As we are talking about the finest technology – here, you can discover our complete product range for ultra-precise medical instruments:


What must the GS1 DataMatrix code contain?

The GS1 DataMatrix system used by PMS guarantees an overview of the critical key figures for production, shelf life, expiry date, batch, and series. This information is stored and encoded with identification numbers. Do you have any questions about the DataMatrix code? Don’t hesitate to contact us directly:

For the Love of the Instruments

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