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30 years of experience - for ultra-precise micro-instruments

Products and service - perfectly matched to one another. It is this that has made us into one of the leading manufacturers and wholesalers for medical instruments - primarily for eye surgery / opthamology, in the ENT sector and in microsurgery as well as neurosurgery.

Based in Tuttlingen, known as the 'world capital of medical technology', we have always been in time with the times - dynamic, innovative and future-facing. When you place your confidence in PMS, you are trusting in the highest of 'Made in Germany' quality: In the finest of instruments used by customers right around the world.

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Our eye surgery instruments cover the whole spectrum of applications from instruments to accessories. This makes PMS one of the world's leading providers.

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PMS is an experienced specialist in the production of high-quality medical instruments. It is therefore in great demand as a partner for a vast array of applications associated with ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgery.

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Work in the micrometer range requires fine, high-precision instruments as well as manual dexterity. PMS stands for perfection in the most difficult of applications.

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All from a single source

Here at PMS, we offer the complete range of instruments in the sectors of modern opthamology surgery, ear-nose-throat surgery and microsurgery & neurosurgery.


Always one step ahead

The pace of development in medical technology is breathtaking, with new methods and ever more filigree techniques appearing on the scene. Close collaboration with surgeons across the world helps us to make our solutions better on a day-by-day basis.


Demanded world-wide

Medical technology - a globalized market. Why do people all over the globe place their trust in our instruments? Because PMS not only stands for ultimate quality in ultra-precise fields - it is also customer-facing, right across all frontiers.


Quality that you can feel

Leadership - that is the permanent way to safeguard standards. PMS is certified to ISO 9001:2000 / EN 13485:2003, the European Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC, Annex II, and it meets all requirements for the CE mark. 


Thought through from the beginning

Excellent product quality begins with the choice of the right raw material. It then continues through the design concept, and extends onwards to production, inspection and shipment. We at PMS are committed to high-end quality - excellence that you can trust in.


Be sure that it is perfect

When it comes to the health of people, we at PMS know no compromises. That is why we only work with ultra-modern production methods. The outcome: Surgical instruments 'Made in Germany' - perfection from PMS!


Getting even better by the day

At PMS, absolute perfectionists are at work. The highest standards of craftsmanship and expertise are combined here with creative impulses in an environment where innovation is our daily business. Improving what is good, developing what is new - this has always been our motto!

News / Trade Fairs

National Cataract Congress

At the National Cataract Congress in Bari, Italy, the issue of treating cataracts is dealt with specifically. The goal is to provide cataract surgeons, refractive surgeons, optometrists, students and industry representatives with in-depth understanding of the complex disease's properties and newest treatments. PMS participates with distribution partners in the conference from 22.-24. May and looks forward to a lively exchange and knowledge transfer - especially in the instrument area.

22-24 May in Bari, Italy

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Canadian Eye Meeting

This year's Canadian Ophthalmological Society's Canadian Eye Meeting focuses on sharing knowledge and industry know-how, as well as the latest research. Participants gain insights into the latest eye disease treatments and unique networking opportunities. Internationally renowned guest speakers and practical insights complement each other with a Surgical Skills Transfer Course. Represented are well-known experts from medicine and industry. PMS is represented from 31.-03. June 2018 with partners and is looking forward to the exciting event.

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May 31 - June 03 in Toronto, Canada

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National Glaucoma Congress 2018

Distinguished speakers and a profound exchange of expertise - the National Glaucoma Congress is an excellent knowledge forum in the field of ophthalmology, which deals with the special topic of "glaucoma". PMS will be present with partners from 14.-16. June 2018 and is looking forward to your visit.

June 14th - 16th in Lucca, Italy

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DOC Nuremberg

The 31st international Congress of German Ophthalmic Surgeons (DOC) will be held

in Nuremberg from 14th to 16th June, 2018.

You can find us in Hall 7A, Booth I 1.1 (Halle 7A, Stand I 1.1)

"Renowned Experts from many countries will be presenting innovations and new developments and will discuss gold-standards of ophthalmic surgery with the audience. Large room will be dedicated to practical ophthalmic surgery during wet-labs and instructional courses to guarantee intensive continued medical education. The special highlight of 2018 will be the expansion of our Master class courses: Glaucoma Therapy, Refractive Surgery and Lid Surgery will be available. Furthermore a new course concept will be presented: The surgical skills training course. We are aiming at structuring a surgical procedure in single steps, which will give the possibility to comment on indication of surgery and postoperative treatment additionally. During Pro&Con-sessions speakers will defend their opinion and discuss with the audience. Video-Live surgery will once again be a centerpiece in 2018, allowing detailed insights into particular surgical techniques. Our scientific program will be completed with a series of seminars on Management issues for hospital and practice as well as with symposia on anesthesiology, contact lens and strabology. The seminar for the ophthalmic practice will be of particular interest for those colleagues whose focus is on medical ophthalmology. The doctors' program will be completed by a large and very refined program for the ophthalmic non-medical staff (POS). We are looking forward to your participation and a vivid exchange of views in Nuremberg." – Armin Scharrer, MD, President DOC 

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June 14 - 16 in Nuremberg, Germany

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PMS presents itself from 19.-21. July 2018 with its distributors at the annual Asia-Pacific Association of Catarct and Refractive Surgeons Fair. This year's theme is "Enlightenment" and the organizers have teamed up with the Royal College of Ophthalmologists of Thailand (RCOPT) to organize this event. An extensive supporting program is planned, with top presentations in the field of ophthalmology.

Further information and registration:


July 19-21 in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Japan Clinical Ophthalmic Congress 2018

The ever-growing congress in Tokyo deals with future topics of ophthalmology. PMS will be there with relevant partners from 11.-14. October 2018 and looks forward to exciting discussions, interesting speakers and the exchange with young students in the field of ophthalmology in the traditional forum.

October 11 - 14 in Tokyo, Japan

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Represented right around the world

With our worldwide network of sales partners, you can enjoy the benefits of PMS anywhere and at any time. Our sales partners are very familiar with PMS instruments: They can provide you with great advice, demonstrations and technical tips, or can also help you to resolve administrative problems.


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